We believe that Cannabis doesn’t just deliver effects, it delivers an experience. At Noble Farms we are committed to making every part of that experience enjoyable. We make sure every bud of Noble Farms cannabis attains the same standard of excellence felt in its effects within its looks, feel, smell, taste, and smoothness. This standard is maintained through the effort and care poured into every plant that we raise.

We handpick every clone and we grow only one strain in a single room. This ensures that our final product is as consistent as possible ensuring that every new bag of Noble Farms is as perfect as the last. We make sure that our grow conditions are strictly controlled to maintain the wellbeing of all of our plants. These conditions allow us to grow our cannabis free from any chemical treatment resulting in a product that is 100% natural and tasting the way nature intended"




Blueberry. It'll blow your mind.

One smell of our Blueberry and its namesake will become clear. This strain is characterized by its sweet and fruity aromas. These smells are mirrored by the light and fruity flavors users will experience while enjoying our Blueberry. The onset of this strain is mild, allowing users to ease into their experience with no anxiety or disorientation. These initial effects are primarily cerebral, thought very clear headed, with some very mild body relaxation.



Headband. See for yourself.

Our Headband is distinguished by its heavy earthy and herbal aromas with light citrus notes. This strain is incredibly smooth with a light woody and bitter flavor offering users a very comfortable and enjoyable experience from the moment our product comes out of the bag. The effects of our Headband begin with a calming cerebral stimulation with an increase in visual and tactile sensitivity. The onset also brings a noticeable body effect with some buzz in the major muscle groups. When the effects of our Headband reach full swing users will feel some minor cranial pressure in addition to an enhanced psychoactive experience. Users may begin to feel very thoughtful and introspective.

OG Kush

Our OG Kush features a full bodied, pungent aroma bringing heavy herbal and pine notes. Its full flavor is rich with earthy and woody tones sure please the palette. The effects of our OG Kush are well balanced between the body and the cerebral. At onset, users will experience very happy and uplifting mental feelings as well as a soothing buzz in the body. Aches and pains will melt away as full body relaxation begins to set in. As the effects enter full swing, the cerebral effects will intensify culminating in euphoric feelings. Laughing and a well humored mood is sure to follow. Body effects too will intensify and a full body relaxation will soon set in. As the effects wane, users may feel some sleepiness as well as a comfortable mental calm.



Noble Joints, A Joint-venture.

Each of our pre-rolls are hand packed and examined and we use premium ground cannabis buds for our pre-rolls. We are currently offering Pre-Rolls of all our strains, Blueberry, OG Kush and Headband. Our Blueberry is our Sativa Pre-Roll offering an uplifting clear-headed experience. Our OG Kush is our indica Pre-Roll offering users relaxing and euphoric effects perfect for a calm evening at home. Headband is a very comfortable and enjoyable experience from the moment our product comes out of the bag. Each Pack of Pre-Rolls comes with two half gram european style cones perfectly sized for individual consumption in a single session.

Noble Extracts

Our shatter highlights the excellent sweet and fruity flavors found in our Blueberry flower. This oil offers a potent cerebral experience with no loss of energy or couch lock, perfect for a night out with friends or a relaxing afternoon at home. These effects have a rapid onset and leave users feeling euphoric and relaxed. Our shatter is clean and delicious providing some of the smoothest dabs you'll find anywhere. All Noble Farms products offer consumers a top shelf experience and our oil is no exception.




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